#PRESSRELEASE: S.P.O.T. Launches New Single “Around The World” On New Year’s Day, 2017

BROOKLYN, NY, United States (January 09, 2017) – Some songs are loved a lot for their ability to laugh at people, situations and society, and the new song “Around the World” is a new example. The new single by S.P.O.T., has been released on 1st January, 2017, and is available from Down 2 Earth Records.

The new single is a digital track and a mix of musical genres Neo-Soul, Hip Hop and Rap. The influence of artists like Bob Marley is evident in the song, and it shows what a rare musical artist S.P.O.T. is. Born in Brooklyn, New York, S.P.O.T. was exposed to various musical genres from an early age, such as Funk, Reggae, R&B and Gospel.

A talented artist, S.P.O.T. brings varied musical styles and diversity to the entertainment industry, and presents a different sound to listeners. His musical influences have influenced his live performances, song writing and productions. His method of storytelling through songs is different. His songs are realistic and practical, and everyone, whether male or female, or of any age group, can relate to them easily.

The new single from S.P.O.T. comes with the same blend of realism, humor and wit that his fans have come to expect from him. It is a reflection of his feelings and views about society, presented in a unique way to people who love music and want something new to listen to every time.

“Around the World” by S.P.O.T. is available for Free Download for a limited time only so make sure you get your copy today. Also check out the official lyric video @ https://youtu.be/dFR6zuCI1ME

About Down2earthrecords:
Down2earthrecords.com is a website founded by musical artist S.P.O.T., and is dedicated to records and videos from the artist, who blends varied musical styles and genres to bring a new type of sound to listeners.

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