#EPreview: See what @SNVLIFE.com has to say about “The A&B Side” by DJ Halabi feat. S.P.O.T.

We are on to the next and these last few days have been filled with music from all over and we hope it continues as it always does.  With that being said we have the latest from S.P.O.T. and his tracks does not disappoint.  If you have been on soundcloud you may have already heard of him,  if not here we will remind you with a few songs below:

S.P.O.T. has music for hours and has put together a strong image for himself.  On this post we will talk a little more about his track “Beast”.  Now the song is new and we have to say that we like it.  It has an old school feel like many of his songs which makes it a sure classic.    This is not the typical mumble rap you hear these days from artist but has bars.  The beat matches the lyrics and that is something we love. Beast has been played a few times in our NY branch and LA branch leading our team to give it a 4 star rating.  A few members such as @vanryck have already added it to his playlist and looks as if NY2LARADIO may be next.  Overall S.P.O.T. released 4 tracks and “Beast” is our fav however “Bonafide” along with the remix is nice!  Big ups to S.P.O.T. and we hope he continues his work and send us more music!!

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