#ValentinesDay: “2 Way Street” by S.P.O.T.

“2 Way Street”

from The Album Called A Mixtape

by S.P.O.T. Strategy Produces Overall Thought

Down 2 Earth Records © 2011



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#MIXTAPE: G.O.A.T.-M.I.L.K. Vol. 1 feat. S.P.O.T.



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#FlashbackFriday: The 5th Column feat. “Too High” by S.P.O.T.

Beat Cartel Presents: The Fifth Column, the second mix tape released by these producers proves that Hip Hop can still offer a message. This socially aware album is reminiscent of Hip Hop’s conception in the 1970s with songs such as, Too High, Boycott Christmas, Giant, and the Boiling Point, as well as other songs on the album that discuss current events of the world and express a social conscious. Buy the entire album now on iTunes Enjoy. Peace. #supportrealhiphop



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#TBT: “Bonafide” (REMIX) by DJ Halabi feat. S.P.O.T.

Bonafide REMIX

from The A&B Side by DJ Halabi feat. S.P.O.T.

Produced by DJ Halabi

Down 2 Earth Records / Reversion Records © 2017


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#OUTNOW! “For the Few” by Halabi & Neaality feat. S.P.O.T.

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#FEATURE: “Veterans Pt. 2” by Halabi & Neaality feat. S.P.O.T.

Veterans Pt. 2 feat. S.P.O.T.

The 1st single from the forthcoming album

“For the Few” by Halabi & Neaality

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#PRESSRELEASE: S.P.O.T. Releases new single “Day Dreaming” feat. Halabi

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Sept. 17, 2018 – PRLog — S.P.O.T. is back with a new single     “Day Dreaming” feat. Halabi
The new song is an expression of thanks and gratitude. Halabi and S.P.O.T. present authentic hip hop with relentless flows and captivating lyricism. We love the beat selection and the overall composition of this unique song ties everything together nicely. The new single is available on all music media outlets and free download for a limited time at the links provided below. Make sure you also check out the Official Lyric Video so you can embrace every word and sing along to this beautiful song.

A talented artist, S.P.O.T. brings varied musical styles and diversity to the entertainment industry, and presents a different sound to listeners. His musical influences have influenced his live performances, song writing and productions. His method of storytelling through songs is different. His songs are realistic and practical, and everyone, whether male or female, or of any age group, can relate to them easily.

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Watch S.P.O.T.’s new video for “Day Dreaming feat. Halabi (Official Lyric Video)” on Youtube here https://youtu.be/hCCPmRWIs_Y

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/spotoner/day-dreaming-feat-halabi

Bandcamp – https://spotoner.bandcamp.com/track/day-dreaming-feat-halabi

Connect with S.P.O.T.

YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/down2earthrecords

Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/spotoner

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SPOTONERMUSIC

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/SpotOner

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/Spot.Oner


S.P.O.T. (Strategy Produces Overall Thought) is a Hip Hop/Rap artist from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. S.P.O.T. brings a different sound to the entertainment industry because of his musical diversity and cross-pollination of styles. His musical influences have led him to create the originality that he exhibits through production, songwriting, and live performances. He has performed at various shows and venues in New York and has also toured overseas with shows at La Meson-Marseille, France and L’Escale-Aubagne, France to name a few. For more info visit website www.down2earthrecords.com


Down 2 Earth Records



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#TuneIn: The Bomb Vida Radio Show feat. S.P.O.T.

Tune in tomorrow 9/19/18 at 9 p.m. as I play the hottest music from the following Artists: S.P.O.T., Marvelo Hathaway, Blue Buddaz, Venomiss, Miss Undastood, Lovell, ROW, Jaay Parks, Semu U, L&N, Nyoil the Ideal, David Santiago, BLO, Jon Doe, Ofnie UFO, Jerusalem, Raymond Barton, Sofi Saint, Boss Major, Matt Smoove, and more…….Only on THE BOMB VIDA RADIO SHOW on www.bombbabyradio.com

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#NEWVIDEO!: “Day Dreaming” by S.P.O.T. feat. Halabi (Official Lyric Video)

Day Dreaming
by S.P.O.T. feat. Halabi
Produced by Kloud Nine Music
Animation & Typography by Raimedia
Down 2 Earth Records / Reversion Records © 2018

FREE DOWNLOAD (limited time only) Available @
BandCamp – http://spotoner.bandcamp.com/track/day-dreaming-feat-halabi
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/spotoner/day-dreaming-feat-halabi

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#FlashbackFriday: Radio Grenouille interview with S.P.O.T.

S.P.O.T. talks to Radio Grenouille about his shows in France, Meeting Skwar Section & The underground hip hop scene in NYC…

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